IBMS consists of the formation of an intelligent building that provides benefits to both tenants and management. It consists of the following functions:-

  • Management if Support Operations in the building
  • A centralized management system for all building services provided to tenants
  • The distribution of information tot the enterprise for immediate action
  • Ready plug-and-play points in the entire building for communication and integration


    The benefits of having an Intelligent Building System in place is of significance to both management and tenants:-

  • Reduction in operation cost, from labor to material, due to a centralize management system for all building services.
  • Significant increase in security of the building through the implementation of an integrated security system, consisting of Card Access, CCTV, Fire Alarm System and more.
  • Ease of access to information and services due to the integrated network provided within the building, with ready plug-and-play points and applications readily available.

    IBMS can help save cost significantly, up to 50% of total cost. The reduction of cost comes from:-

  • Increase in efficiency of management
  • Reduction in maintenance and energy cost
  • Reduction in labor cost
  • IBMS consists of the following integrated system:-

  • Building Management System
  • Building Automation System
  • Building Security System
  • Building Fire Alarm System
  • PABX and Voice System

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